Get your comprehensive virus protection here. As I get more pissed off at the growing threat of viruses out there including the latest (Sober.AG) that attacks innocent folks computers, I had a light bulb that went off in my head that said; get the free info, tools and suggestions and make that available to the public to get in on so they don't get blindsided by hackers. Enjoy! I am going to post the free stuff as son as I get it!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If you need a Sober.X@mm removal tool, Here you go!

I was surfing once again for the tools to remove viruses on your PCs and BAM...

I got the *FREE* removal tool for the Sober.X email virus that is kickin some folks butts.

Courtesy of the guys are Symantec:

Free Sober Virus Removal Tool

A great article from Yahoo on the latest events with the Sober.AG Virus

This is the article about the new Sober Virus variant-

Very informative, has a few freebies in there for you too!

Here you go: Sober Virus Variant Article

These guys have some really good *FREE* virus removers

If you want free virus removers, your in the right place: Here is another freebie while on my mission to get you free virus removal software!

Free Virus Remover