Get your comprehensive virus protection here. As I get more pissed off at the growing threat of viruses out there including the latest (Sober.AG) that attacks innocent folks computers, I had a light bulb that went off in my head that said; get the free info, tools and suggestions and make that available to the public to get in on so they don't get blindsided by hackers. Enjoy! I am going to post the free stuff as son as I get it!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Read this information to aide your fight against Viruses!

Sober.i Worm

The Sober.i Worm opens security ports on the infected computer which renders it vulnerable to hackers who can use these open ports to implant Spyware and Trojan Programs, hence stealing your personal information. Hackers know this and they are searching frantically to exploit these security holes!

If you suspect that your PC is (or was) infected with Sober, it is strongly recommended that you download SpyFerret for a free Spyware / Trojan Scan, but only after you download and run this SoberRemover and get Microsoft Update (see below).

You will need to run Windows Update to update your computer after you run any SoberRemover.

To do so, simply go to Start > Windows Update, and then download all Critical Updates available. So once again, do the following in the same order shown:

1- Download and run the Sober Remover.

2- Download and install Critical Windows Updates.

3- Download and run SpyFerret for a free Spyware / Adware scan.


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